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Codestorm Welcomes Jordan Elloway New Operations & Logistics Manager

Here at Codestorm we are committed to hiring the right people who will bring their knowledge and experience to help our clients grow their business, improve their customers’ experience and gain visibility and control of orders and inventory.

We’re pleased to introduce Jordan Elloway, Codestorm’s new Operations and Logistics Manager. Jordan has over 10 years’ experience of warehousing, production and distribution across a range of multi-channel businesses including retail, mail-order, wholesale and franchises.

Before joining Codestorm, Jordan was a shift manager at Amazon Logistics and we asked him what the most important thing he learned from his time there was.

Jordan: If something is not working or is wrong, whether that’s something like your stock levels or the correct items being sent out, look at the process and how it can be changed to prevent the issue occurring in the first place, before you try and blame an individual. It’s easier to change the process your people are working with rather than trying to change their behaviour. Often making small changes to the process can have a big impact.

Codestorm works with some exciting start-up businesses such as TRIBE, Grind and Peppersmith. What advice do you give to start-ups looking to work with an e-commerce fulfilment company like Codestorm for the first time?

Jordan: Think about how you are going to build your brand identity. Bespoke packaging is an excellent way of doing this. A high quality, embossed/printed package on the end of someone’s desk at work might have their colleagues looking and asking questions which helps extend your reach. A normal brown box won’t have this impact.

You have worked for companies with an established online presence such as Wiggle and Fat Face, so follow the industry’s technological developments closely. Which developments are likely to impact the online retail industry most?

Jordan: W.M.S – Warehouse management software. Codestorm has just developed a robust platform called LINK that allows us to fulfil customer orders and give them full visibility at all steps as it moves through our facility. This allows them to understand their stock levels, track customer orders and ensure the service they deliver to their customer is what a growing business needs it to be.

Every year there can be challenges for online retailers and 2019 will be no different. What challenges are Codestorm clients and others like them likely to face in 2019 and how can they be resolved?

Jordan: Most of our clients and others like them see their SKU base increase year on year as they introduce new products and variants. More product SKUs means there are more items in the warehouse areas to keep track of and that’s why using a good warehouse management system with items scanned in and out of a location is vital to provide traceability, accountability and visibility.

At Codestorm we’re lucky to work with some great clients with exciting businesses. Which one has particularly impressed you and why?

Jordan: Cafepod, an independent coffee company selling Nespresso compatible coffee pods. They have taken on any guidance and advice given to help Codestorm deliver the service that they require. They have also been proactive to try and highlight potential future issues. For example, they recognised that some of their products were fragile and were being damaged in transit, so we worked with them to change their packaging to reduce breakages.

In your experience, what do clients worry about the most and what advice do you have for them?

Jordan: Stock Control. If your stock is not accounted for properly, it can result in lost sales and disappointed customers. All this has a financial impact. Most fulfilment centres work on a barcode system so try and build this into your product from the offset as you won’t have problems later.

At Codestorm we see clients as partners and so are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you whether you are a start-up business or large company with over 5,000 orders per week. If you would like to discuss any of these issues with Jordan or any of our other industry experts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To book a demo of LINK, our fully integrated, bespoke warehouse management system click the button below.

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